Friday, October 16, 2009

It's big "Georges" VS the "Chaperone!"

If we get up by more than two, it's on!

When Georges gives you that polite invitation...sucker 'im and just keep givin' 'er!

If Georges doesn't like the cut of ya or the fact you're gettin' the better of him, he's going to go for the body slam...all ya can do is hang on and kick his skates out from under him.

6'3" 267 VS 6'4" 230. It's one of the few times Georges will not have a huge reach advantage, Matt is just as "Long Armed" as him!

PS: To "Plus" stay close, if it's an even fight, you guys are on the road, Matt's Linesman is going to catch hold of him first, Laraque may take advantage and go for that one last shot...just tug his sweater at the last moment...or yell like hell at the other Linesman!

PPS: I learned that at Linesman School, if your working Buckingham on a Friday night, you make sure to hold the "Roadie" so the Home Town Boy gets the last shot or you may not get out of there alive that night!

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