Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bruce... you are fired

Garrioch...I repeat, you are fired! Stop taking up valuable space on Off the Posts. They play better short handed, without you. Your reason...yawning on the job!

We know you think you are the insider and you watch practice everyday...chit chating with Greg and CiCi, but while you were hitting golf balls this afternoon, Bryan mentioned on the radio the play of Picard specifically and he and Matt as a pair...I don't think Carvel (the scoring forward) has sprung it on him yet as to the strategy he's leaked to you.

Note: Kuba is nowhere near ready and they are flipping pairs in practice...how brain dead is that? I may have to give Carvel the "Hunt" treatment! And break it all down for him every shift.

PS: For all those who don't think this is a big deal...think again, this is still a very good team with an American League DEFENCE...don't FTU...the Hockey Gods are watching!

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