Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nick Foligno...Nick Foligno!!

- Nick Foligno has arrived!

- Nick Foligno is a center ice man, it's his natural position and he is good there.

- Foligno will be a "game changer" from the 4th line, leading #15 and #18. Remember Coach Clouston likes to play his 4th line.

- Nick gets the PK with #18.

- Nick gets 2nd power play when we change the forwards only, after 80 seconds, leaving him with #55 and #65.

- He plays 14...15 minutes a game.

- Nick Foligno and Chris Kelly are going to beat good teams with their 3rd and 4th lines.

- Foligno will be our first top six call up and that includes the center ice position.

Note: By xmas Coach Clouston will have him playing everywhere!

PS: Played hard ball...loved the game...José Bautista looks like a "Super Sized" F.P. Santangelo. That's that horse piss...and I ain't taking about penicillin!


  1. Nick's going to wear an "A" soon. Maybe a "C".

    Nobody expected Alfie to become Captain.

  2. Folignus Maximus will be "The Bringer" of secondary scoring this year :))

    I'm lovin the new options Clouston has to work with this year, and at almost every position too. Full cupboard means we can get nice returns for future or immediate needs, and we go to war with a full battle-ready army this time!

    This team will be hard to knock off from 1st in the NE ;-)

  3. Michael:

    Nick M. for "Mario" Foligno thinks he's Lemieux...I think maybe he will be our version!

  4. Anon:

    I think we got the "Back breaker" in place...our power play is already fun to watch!