Friday, October 1, 2010

Lloydie, "Shoot the puck!"

- "Sarge" Gonchar on our Power Play: "You have to have a shooting mentality!"

- "Denis" Potvin: "The best pass in hockey is a rebound!"

- Harry Neil: "Shooting the puck is never a bad play!"

- Jason York makes the NHL..."Because he can hit the net on the PP!"

Note: "Good bye "Tucks", we'll miss beatin' ya up all the time!"

Note 2: Biggest "fib" in hockey..."A starter never loses his position when he is hurt!" Sun Tzu.

Note 3: "Elliott, your first goal is all tension, take a lesson from our Brodeur, cover the short side and don't move!" Sun Tzu

Note 4: Sun Tzu says "We still win the East!"

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