Friday, October 29, 2010


- if Jason isn't 110% I'd hold him out 1 more game...Coach ya change a winning line up at your peril!

- Chris Phillips looks like he's got a big project under way at his work bench, just like two seasons ago he looks like he has a bad case of "Shop Worker's Hands"...

- Probable lines if Jason plays...ZacH gets the ride in the Limo...

#9; #19; #11

#26; #12; #25

#73; #22; #18

#71; #1x; #27

#65 and #36

#39 and #14

#4 and #55

Elliott but Lehner gets the Tranna game...


  1. Wo, I don't know if the second line is very "probable", nor is the breaking up uf the Kelly line! I'm not sure of probablity, but this is what I'd like to see:
    Regin(it's time) /Spezza/Alfie

    likely Mich and Regin will be switched though

  2. Tim:

    Definitely another option.

    We'd all like to see 1x with Jason but Coach Clouston is under some duress to make Regin our second center...the problem is Fish and where to play him...Wing or Center?

    Note: Alexei loves his kids he's talkin' to them after every shift...they think they are playing with Mario Lemieux.

  3. You need Spezza in the line-up against Boston (if he is healthy). Fiher would get destroyed in the face-off circle by Bergeron. Like Fisher but he is not a #1 centre.

    The whole team is playing better -- I would go with Lehner. Elliott looks like he hurt himself last night. They are not saying anything.. but if he is banged up -- sit him out now.

  4. Sandy:

    Alf says to Cory "Ya leave Fish with us!"

    Kovalev says "Leave me with the Kids!"

    Kelly says "My line is the first line so we gotta stay together"...

    So where does that leave ya??

  5. It leaves with the Coach picking the correct line combos:

    Milan/Spezza/Alffy (Spezza is #1 anything else is a mistake)
    Fisher/Regin/Kovy (Regin is key at C and Fish speed and net presence)
    Ruuts/Kelly/Neil (ground and pound)
    Foligno/Winchester/Shannon (effective with limited mins)

  6. Top Shelf:

    Your lines are very logical...but Coach Clouston doesn't go with logic, he goes with feel and he's up against Boston's 4 forward lines who are playing great defence...

    The Coach says he doesn't want all the lines changed to start the game at least...

    I'll give you one thing Jason is the best match up for Patrice Bergeron in the face off circle...

    Big Secret...Alf loves playing with Fish!!