Thursday, October 28, 2010

Draw Tips!

Some draw tips to use on the "Souped up, psyched up" Panthers...

- We 're at home, always make the Ref make the Florida guy put his stick down first...then play for the delay!

- in your own zone if the other center man's play is to draw the puck back, go by his blade and tap his shaft hard just above the is physiological and psychological, his up and back stroke will come up short leaving the puck for you every time!!

- Denis' "Hot Rubber" are playing at home in Canada, insist of the time keeper and the Refs that they keep cycling "Frozen Pucks" into the game...most of the centers who play in America don't see a frozen puck from one end of the season to the next. Note: Don't let PM keep the "Good puck...the one in play!"

- If they are tying you up every draw, get Alfie to politely ask the Ref to drop the puck flat so a least ya get a chance to win the draw "clean!" Often people (the Refs) need a reminder!

- when the Refs see that all four centers on your team mean business it gets their attention...they pride themselves on dropping the puck well when they are concentrating!

- winning the draw is a skill but it's hard attention!

- if you are a Left Hand shot "bark" at your Right Winger...keep him in the game...he can help you big time!

- a guy in Baltimore invented artificial ice but he did it for the fancy skaters not Canadian hockey players...hassel your ice maker before every game!

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