Saturday, October 16, 2010

With our DEFENCE ya gotta score 5!

- When ya get up three to one in the second ya gotta keep pushing for that 5th goal!

- With Chris Phillips and our DEFENCE this year 5 will be our lucky and only number!

- We didn't get a man advantage after the 5 minute mark of the first!

- When the other guys get 40 shots...ya lose!

- Elliott was very good tonight!

- Lehner looks terrific, big, strong, big, cool, big and very large!

- We're comin' just very slowly...the Zebra are going to make sure that this year Tranna and the Habs will have to fold in the second half to miss the play offs...Buffalo and Boston are in the same boat as us!

- Put #73, #22, #25 back together, give #13 to Fish and "Mario", forget the 4th line for Pittsburgh...

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