Thursday, October 21, 2010

Torts sits Lundquist!

- Guess Big John Tortorella with his team struggling and going against Tranna @ the "Home Call" ACC, has thrown in the towel!

- In five games in the first period this year the Leafs have received one double minor in Pittsburgh, "Luke" cut the guy bad they had to call it but the Zebra gave Tranna a 5 on 3 to start the second and score two to get the lead back. This would not be so pathetic if it wasn't so obvious! Buffalo, Boston and Ottawa be forewarned the "Controllers" mean business!

- these guys don't score unless it's on a PP or off the momentum of several PPs.

- the Blue an' White Beach Ball will be in the net again tonight...largest goalie, in his equipment, to ever play pro goals! I think he is in violation of about 5 measurements.

- if both Refs are from a 100 mile radius of the GTA...hold the phone...that "Box" ain't big enough.

- I don't blame Torts, I'd sit the "Bad Boy" also cause ya know they are going to try and make an example of him!

Note: If the Leafs make it through the first period with out a 2 minute minor being called on them, it will be an NHL Record, 6 games in a row to start the season...and counting...

Note 2: If I was "Burkie", I'd be embarrassed for my "Rough Necks"...what a record to have?

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