Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our goalie and DEFENCE don't match!

Our offencive 4/2 ratio DEFENCE don't protect any of our goalies very well, therefore ya hafta have a stand up, stay in the crease, stand alone type goal keeper.

I think we forget that that 9 shut out, defencive DEFENCE, that Pascal played behind in Columbus was a defencive oriented team. We forget that when Leclaire would slide out of the net one of the best shot blockers in the league, Adam Foote, would slide in behind him not "EriK!"

We have seen a lot of goalies here in Ottawa, some are starters, some back up men and some are all star relievers...I think Pascal Leclaire is our "All Star Reliever" and will prosper in that roll.

Pascal is too old, too beat up, missed too much time to be a starter right now...even his style, full butterfly, has been replaced by a modified half fly and half stand up style.

At 6'2" 200+ when he is staying deep in his net he looks Gerber size!

Brian Elliott should start for October until the DEFENCE gets sorted out...I still like our DEFENCE it will just take a little getting used to. And Brian is more used to us at this point!


  1. Welcome back to reality, we have issues.

  2. I think we could win with 6 attackers, but we are going to have to put up with Brian Elliott letting in 4 a night as we score 5 or 6!

  3. 6-4 games? Well, that would be more exciting than 2-1 for those of us that enjoy the scoring aspect. And a win is a win. This way we can have people happy about our offence and concerned about the defence. Otherwise we have people comfortable with the defence and whining that we can't score and should run Spezza out of town and trade Kelly. That old tune is tiresome, so let's just complain about the goalies. Oh wait, we've done that before too.

    I wonder what the people at the Sun are saying?

  4. PvR:

    Our coach and G-M are committed to the "Big" money in goal so hang onto your hat this is going to be fun, "excruciating", but fun.

    I still like our team to do it, Eastern Champs, but Pascal is going to have every flinch, every stride, every clearing pass broken down and analysed...he deserves no less!

    Wamsley has got to get him "up and out" but stopping before he slides into the corner boards!

  5. We're a year away from a real housecleaning and a new team.

  6. You are correct Michael and you only win big with youth but they can't all come in together.

    Someone should have been brought in this year...Wiercioch...Gryba...Lehner...even Butler maybe? Remember Bryan wanted at least one!

  7. that still may happen .. Let the youth play a bit in bingo then call up . My money would have been on butler

  8. Sam:

    Alfie and KOvy should both take games off and that may be Butts' ticket.

    We were thinking one young man should have got the 9 games at least, but Jarod simply lost all his confidence...he sure looked ready that first day...he may be two years away!


  9. Snoopy's gonna wonder why the guys want to play dodgeball all the time.

  10. Michael"

    Pascal was a heck of a goalie but he's playing like a guy that's been hurt so often and so bad he is unable to regain his form or his confidence.

    Also our team DEFENCE is not good enough to cary anyone at the moment!