Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alfie wants to play with Fish!

- I told ya, Alfie wants to continue to play with Fish and #11 told his Head Coach that also!

- We woulda gone all the way and put Jason on that line also at centre, #12; #19; #11...load 'em up!

- Alex (aka Mario Lemieux) loves playing with his kids, #1x and #71...

- Coach ya gotta play Kelly vs Bergeron and let Chris Neil and Jaarko just feast on the Boston Wingers every draw...I mean "Let 'em know you are there!"

- Chris Kelly make the Ref make Bergeron put his stick down (Flush) every time and talk to Patrice, chat him up, he cheats...he likes the "Edge"...that's why he's so good @ it!

- Big game for our 4th line tonight, they can't get caught "stoogin'" around at the far end anymore!

- Don't go near Timmy Thomas tonight, leave him alone, don't hit him...if he gets "fired up" he is unbeatable...maybe he will fall asleep.

- "EriK" this is your game..."they 'll be comin' for ya!"...surprise the sh*t out of them...dazzle 'em!

Note to Peter/Silver you ever have an original thought or have turned into a the way "El Fuego" is correct, it's Hispanic slang for "He's glorious!" or "He's on fire!" Ya could look it up!

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