Monday, October 11, 2010

This ones a "gimme!"

- This game is a gimme, we shall be lucky to keep the goals against under ten tonight!

- Pascal Leclaire is not a starting goal tender in this league anymore, he is our super sub later in the year.

- Brian Elliott will/should get the Carolina game.

- It's message time "EriK" gets a trip in the limo to Bingo for game four and either Gryba or Weircioch comes up as a six. I'd pick Gryba for his DEFENCE!

- Phillips gets "Sarge" until he regains his confidence...I told you guys at camp #4 was lost out there with the "kid"!

- Carks knocks Semin over and immediately kicks the puck to Campi for the break out!

- Anyone over thirty-five has to do 3 "Red Bulls" after the warm up!

- Eugene is banished from the game because instead of making his team nervous and play better, he makes them feel too reassured...too comfortable.

Note: If we are going to play like the Russian National Team played 30 years ago (14 shots...4 or 5 goals), lets go all the way...12 shots, 8 scoring chances but 5 GOALS!

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