Monday, October 11, 2010


- Ignore training camp at your risk of being lost, injured or destroyed!

- Lehner out played Elliott who outplayed Pascal!

- Phillips and "EriK" as a pair looked "spooked", Philly has been shaky and two steps too deep on every rush since.

- the over 35 crowd didn't play enough to be bothered! And it's been showing for three games!

- Jason "Rocco" Spezza out there trying to kill penalties(in camp)...wake up boys, the other teams got better too!

- I have finally realized who Pascal is...Why he's fun, loves to play your first move, has freckles on his nose, he's Maggy Muggins that's who..."Tra la law la law la larity...I'm off to see Mr. McGarrity, my goalie coach...I don't know what I'll do tomorrow?"

- "Muggins" is not a starting goalie in the National Hockey League...he always gives you the first one easy...ya get a goal he gives it right back...and he bites on the first move every time...#8 and the good goal scorers know it!

- PP...ya gotta take a chance...beat one guy...Alf those slow rollers around the boards don't cut it...Jason when ya turn it over @ their blue line it costs "EriK" 45 big expensive seconds!

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