Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Hockey Gods have intervened!

- Lehner gets his whistle wet in Bingo and then Saturday morning put him in the Limo to Montreal!

- Brian Elliott looked like a winner, big, sharp, relaxed and like a #1 goal keeper!

- PM you could not cary "EriK's" jockstrap! So STFU! The less you say the better.

- Philly keep plugging...another one off your foot right to the wrong guy...shake it off you are still our "best"...playing with #65 or #55 ain't no treat!

- "Sarge" has shook up everything, leadership, offence, DEFENCE, PP, PK, even goal tending. Gonchar is the real deal...we shall "gel" @ Centre Bell!

- Fish keep Foligno and give Neiler back to Kelly we need both lines in Montreal! Ask for ZacH on the road!

- Note: Nick Foligno hit the guy very lightly hip to the rib cage...Nick held up...he scared the guy more than hit him!


  1. The Gonchar/Philly combo was just rock solid and we are starting to see the great breakouts we expected from such a mobile back end.
    Mcguire was a train wreck tonight... The best part was when he thought the fans were booing Karlsson "How hard is it for this kid?" when really he just missed Ruutu getting a stick in the head because someone had the dumb idea to put him between the benches where he can't see anything

  2. Anon:

    We are looking better...Coach Clouston is struggling with how to play with 4 good ya pretend you are mad @ #19, sit 'em a cycle and then send them out there to score a big Goal!

    We need one guy to take Neil's spot with Kelly/Ruutu..."Kasper the Ghost" Daugevins!!!

  3. The first goal against was weak, Elliott got caught chasing, and ended up way out of position. Apart from that, he had a very solid performance, particularly for coming in cold, albeit only 2:06 cold!

  4. I have to say I did feel more confident watching Elliot in after Pascal broke again... and it seemed the team played much better in front of him.

    As much as I detest Mcguire and take issue with almost everything the man says (that booing Karlsson bit was hilarious), Karlson is struggling. Scary to watch!

    The refs tried to beat us again, but they came up a bit short, so we get a win!

    Though I love Kelly's line, I have to say Neil with Fish and Foligno looked great. It's like the rock 'em sock 'em third line Fisher should have been centering all along.

  5. Oh, and when their powerplay does finally click, it will be devastating! Just a bit of tweaking and communication issues to sort out still. Almost there.

  6. GN:

    Elliott makes the game saver to allow us to score and win, the players know who is in the net!

  7. Oman:

    "EriK's" lack of confidence is filtering through the power play...I say switch 'em and let "Sarge" just blast away for awhile!

  8. Yeah, it's great having a good shot from the point again. It is exciting to watch the d-man shoot for a change and actually it the net! I have missed that since Chara left and Redden lost his mojo...