Monday, October 18, 2010

I forgot!

- The fix was in, Pittsburgh had not won a game in their new rink yet! Note: I have been and stand corrected!

- Too many men is a penalty that can be called on every change on the fly...they should make it a play stoppage not a penalty!

- On the same play our guy takes a slash on the hands, top glove, ya hear it,the pop, all over the rink!

- Boy, this is going to be a long run to first place in the second half of the season.

- Lehner sure looks good in our net...big, huge, tall, full!

- Brian Lee is not a National League Defenceman. Yorkie, Picard will be still going up and down when Lee is long gone.

- Petr, either score a goal or lose that unholy, unlucky and useless are a jinx!

- Alfie and "EriK" should play together as often as we can afford to!

- Stop ragging the refs, those Tranna guys already dislike your talented bench! Note: 75% of all Refs are born within a hundred miles of the GTA.

- To Bob/Calgary...guys from Ottawa, who go to Alberta are called "Nouveau Cowboys", we shall keep Bryan if only he gets Regin to change his number!!


  1. Actually Nik, the Pens got there first home ice when against the Islanders.'s going to be a loooooong year.

    And Elliott...5 goals on 22 shots is not the mark of a starting goaltender.

  2. Dutch:

    You are going to have your unlucky #33 back sooner than you think.

    And we need the "China Doll"...did I really say that?