Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red's Pyramid!

Am seriously searching for Red Kelly's Pyramid (Power), at one point in time they were in every dollar store and even some expensive Jewellers in Ottawa.

The projection for twenty games is about 7 wins; 10 loses and 3 ties...it's not good enough!!! Bad luck, the Hockey Gods and the Tranna Office (the Controllers) have conspired to hold us back.

So unless we lose those unlucky sweater numbers and break the luck with some heavy Pyramid Power we are headin' for the trash heap.

This is a beautiful hockey team, old and graceful, talented, skilled, brave but when it's not your turn...it's not your turn!

I think in a fair fight we would have run away with the Eastern Conference!

Note: Ya know what I love about Tranna, they are kickin' the snot out of us, so the Zebra give 'em a 5 on 3 to start the third to go up 5 - 1 then they fill the "Box" to even it up...and we are supposed to swallow this sh*t!!

Note 2: So ya think I'm nuts...Montreal/Leafs 1st period two (2) PP's to none...Ottawa/Leafs 1st period two (2) PP's to none...Pittsburgh/Leafs 2nd period Pens up one Tranna gets a 5 on 3 and scores two...NYR/Leafs one PP to none...Is this bunch of Burkie's rough necks really the cleanest team in the league??? Our game I counted three infractions on us when we could have bounced back but the phantom call to snuff that thought out!


  1. It can't be totally rigged, but I'm expecting the officiating conspiracy books to start coming out soon after Bettman's reign is finally over.

    This morning on CBC radio I heard that retired ref Kerry Fraser was "blowing the whistle" on the NHL. My first thought was that he had the balls to finally come out and say the officiating in the NHL is biased (bigger markets, TV deals, failing southern franchises, etc.), but it turned out he was talking about head shots.

    I guarantee though, soon, a retired official will "blow the whistle" on Bettman's regime. And the details ain't gonna be pretty.

  2. Oman:

    It used to be that "Red" Story had one game, the French game Saturday night from the Forum, they were even fixing the clock in those days to odds when all the tickets were even numbers for the lottery. Tranna had to fend for themselves but they had first pick of every English kid, who could hold a hockey stick, in Canada.

    It's this not so subtle "evening up" that drives me crazy...and it really is so easy...do they think we're that stupid...I guess we are!

    Let's get it out there so the "Bookies" can make the correct odds...Tranna gets the first two power plays every game or until they are ahead by 4!


  3. "I think in a fair fight we would have run away with the Eastern Conference!"

    Come on, Canucnik, I've been a Sens fan for 10 years but there's no way our team is better over 80 games than Washington, Pittsburgh, Boston and Philadelphia. It doesn't help that the PP is a total shambles. It's been a really good run these past 7 years, but maybe we just don't have the horses anymore. I hope I'm wrong, but this is not an auspicious start to the season.

  4. Hambown:

    Bite your tongue...this ain't over yet...Alfie and Gounchar have vaguely mentioned the Tranna imbalance...and they are pissed off big time!