Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bryan, we need a "Ringer!"

- Bryan, a ringer, a goal scorer, a Guerin!

- Coach Clouston, ya take "Flash" Shannon to one side and tell him, he's playing with Alex and Petr...the Senators, his career, his whole life depends on him to score tonight!

- Chirp's banner is wrong...wrong season...Heatley's number in use...unlucky #13...#33, St. Patrick, the wrong number for this team...1000 points, 1000 games, 1000 points again, 1000 penalty minutes, 1000 penalty minutes again these are numbers for the "Hall of Fame" not a current team!

- Bryan, I think we need a Numerologist (to unilaterally change all the numbers except #11), a CAPologist (we should be getting some of that cash that's burning away in the Infirmary) and one of those Rah Rah Power of Positive Thinking guys!

- Boys, ya shoulda put the kid in there tonight...how can he save ya if you don't put him in the NET!

Note: I have moved my Pyramid to the point of ATTACK!


  1. Clouston needs a flame thrower to light a fire under his troops. Make them mad! Send them out to settle the score.

    He also needs to go ballistic on the refs and make some inflammatory comments to the reporters tonight if he doesn't get the homer calls tonight.

    A big fine and a lot of TV coverage gets the focus and pressure off the troops! Gretzky's "American Propaganda" speech did that at the Olympics when he was GM in 2002, and Phil Esposito did a similar thing in the 72 Summit Series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2v4rHgRyUo.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxxK9LPgwH4&feature=related

    Get 'em angry!