Saturday, October 30, 2010

To the Head Zebra!

- Boys, it's official we are the Eastern Conference "Patsies!"

- that make up "Goalie Interference" call was supposed to be called on Tranna...come on get your act together, it "stinks!" You guys stink. And...and the wrong f*&$%n ZEBRA called it, he's supposed to be watching the puck...yuck! The S.O.B was on the wrong side, behind the corner of the net, out of position to make that that jerk out!

- Chris Phillips, in his "13th" season...I hope that's not a retirement project on his work bench..

- Petr Regin, good old 1x, is totally discombobulated by that unlucky number on his back...he cannot win a draw...complete a pass or get a shot through to the net...he should be sent down and his sweater burnt!

- our guys have a way too much respect for Chara, I think they are afraid of him.

- the Bruins are ruining the game...they got too much talent to have to play the trap!

- Like basketball the "Trap" should be legislated out of the game!

- "Road Hockey", 25 shots...ten clean break aways...what are we doing!

- Greg Millen is a little too "Tranna" for me...he does our games, he's all over our radio, did the TMLs not want him, he's a hometown boy after all...I thought we got rid of him a couple years back!

- And Eastie don't give us that NHL Propaganda that there was lots of time to make it's baloney and you know it! Trust me no one agrees with you on this one!

- Tranna tonight 3 minor penalties/PPs to none in the first period...a 50-42 advantage thus far this season...why can't we see some refereeing like that...we were the home team and we got the most penalty minutes again tonight!

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