Friday, October 1, 2010


Tension has taken Brian Elliott's glove, his fabulous trapper away from him!

Tension has robbed Jared of his quickness, he has lost the mind game...confidence!

Tension seems to rob Lee of a good reaction when he goes to the wall in his own end!

Tension (mental) has forced Shannon to the perimeter and out of the play!

Tension has showed up in "Mario" as soon as he was anointed top six!

Tension will dissipate for Pascal when he sees our guys fill the net!

Note 2: What an offencive powerhouse...we are still OK with the other big line coming on stream, cause "WE STILL GOT THE PUCK AND YOU DON'T!"


  1. Tension will dissipate for me when I see Pascal stop the freakin puck. Nice to see our boys fill the net (Sat) but it sure would be nice to see a few less in our net. Ah well, it is pre-season.

  2. PvR:

    Saw that game 6 Pittsburgh "El Foldo" (sittin' right behind him) we like Pascal but he is not a starter...keep him as a "super sub!"