Friday, October 15, 2010

"Pricey Porcelain Pascal!"

- Brennan's "Pricey Porcelain Pascal", our family heirloom of the Leclaire family, has been chipped again or is that a crack I see?

- It's time, when recovered again, to hold him in reserve...sort of a "Super Sub!"

- I know I'm only the DEFENCEMAN's Coach , but I'd borrow his CAP money and collect a little insurance usury while we're at it!

- For the record, we have all played Pee Wee with that can't miss but "brittle" super Center but the guy can't play two games with out a tough or fluke injury takin' him out when ya really need him. I played with a great pulling guard, who never played a play off game...his GF had the crutches in the car 24/7/365!

- We are very lucky in that we have Brian Elliott, a first string goal keeper, who is 14 games OVER 500 life time.

- Elliott, ya might say, "Saved the season" last night!


  1. Perhaps Elliot saved the season but that first goal ... oh my.

  2. PvR:

    You have been promoted, ya get to drive the Limo this week end.

    And ya, Philly kicks it right to Samsonof...14 games over 500 life time the guy wins a lot more than he loses...

    Brian stops a break away @ 2-2 and wins the game...are you in that same basement with York and Galley?

  3. Nik, you are overstating Elliot's contribution to the win last night. When he's "in", the overall team play tightens up because "He" cannot make big saves like Pascal can and the team knows that. Like all of us though, I am real happy to have him as a reliable back-up. Let's see what he can do Saturday in La "Bell" Province.

  4. Larr:

    Unless you are getting me 5 or 6 goals a game like the Black Hawks last year and I am your goalie...I win the game for you...I also lose the game for you...Pro players, DEFENCE and forwards don't like to admit it!

    Two all and you are dragging your arse, I stop Eric Cole on a break away, you score the winner, I won you the game!!

  5. Though I think Pascal has greater potential if he could avoid injuries and focus on his fundamentals (ala Fleury for Pittsburgh), I have to agree with Nik on this point.

    Fisher's goals were huge, and the top line coming to life was inspiring, but I think the two turning points for the gamer were: when Pascal got hurt and Elliot came in, and when Elliot made that big save on a break away late in a tie game. Both goals he let in were caused, IMO, by defensive breakdowns.

    The team's confidence seemed to grow behind Elliot. It could be coincidence, but we don't really know how they feel about their goalies. They have to say that they are happy with Pascal, but I suspect that he makes them nervous. He seems to go between brilliant and floppy and flailing.

    Say what you will about Elliot, but he is pretty consistent and his style is more solid -- less spectacular maybe, but also less scary to watch.

  6. Oman:

    You are a brilliant judge of "Horse Flesh! You have captured Brian Elliott exactly...

    Note: there is 4.8 out there if ya want it!

  7. for all your ESL Sens news...

  8. "The team's confidence seemed to grow behind Elliot."

    I was at the game and noticed the difference.
    The first goal was weak. The second one wasn't.

    The D plays a noticeably different pattern when Eliot is in net. Ottawa's D knows Eliot better, they know his strengths and weaknesses. His biggest weakness is that he ALWAYS lets in ONE weak goal, but just ONE, and his strengths allow guys like Fisher to push a little more forward.

    It's clear Pascal hasn't bonded with the team yet, they don't know how to play as a team with him in net. It's his inconsistency that drives the D nuts and sucks out confidence.

  9. Interesting to hear your point of view from the game Michael!

    That was certainly my impression from watching on TV.

  10. Hmm, I get to drive the limo. That's cool.

    Actually, I liked Elliot's composure, right up to that moment where he nearly followed the play to behind the net. It's only one moment in his first start.

    And no, I was not in a basement but I am often in the dark. That's why I read this stuff.

  11. Michael:

    Ya could feel the tention even on TV, I can just imagine what it was like live at the rink!

  12. PvR:

    Ya just let Robin do all the talkin' on the way to Montreal!