Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bryan likes a 21 man roster!

- Bryan Murray likes a 21 man roster, all makin' "Big League" money...his...ya can't blame him.

- Sounds like Bryan is trying to keep a little something in the "Cookie Jar" just in case someone has to try and drag a big DEFENCEMAN up and down through "Waivers!"

- Lee with the pressure off for a couple of weeks will play better, stronger, more aggressive...he better...

- To Doug Maclean and Kipreos...wake up, we could/can beat Montreal, Buffalo or Tranna playing 6 attackers if we have to. That goes for that other Tranna guy, Shottsey, also!

- To PM stop being such a "pantie waist", make a prediction, you are not an Ambassador, you are a Hockey Broadcaster's helper, "Wake Up!"

- Brian Elliot is the safe play early!

- Our Power Play will be best in "Class" and wins us the EAST!

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