Thursday, October 21, 2010

No record for Tranna!

- No record cause #81 a slash and you knew the "Even up" was coming he was not going to have to serve it all down a man. NY gets a bullsh*t interference call half way through because they were coming too close.

- 3 PPs for the Leafs to 1 for the Rangers, two nothing! First frame.

- I counted 9 infractions the Leafs committed in the first period that Ottawa would have been called interference and tripping on the same guy on the same play!

- PM work on your "inside"'s when the guy stands "in front" of ya not behind you! (Kaberle)

- PM stop telling these great young kids they need "to find a step"...coming from a guy who was a step too slow, an inch too short, a pound too light and a tad too "soft".

- PM start giving the pucks back...we know you are keeping them for yourself!

- 5 Tranna PPs to two, not enough tonight!

- Armstrong cross checks Girardi in the neck and knees him in the call...then #9?? scores their only goal...and yes with in 10 seconds here comes the "Chicken Wing" phantom call...give me a break, this was a 4 or 5 nothing shut out for Byron tonight!

Note: For the record Burkie's "Rough Necks" in 6 games have a 35-27 advantage in PPs, but not one night have they been penalized more than their opponent...5-3; 8-7...that's Ottawa, 4 minors after the score was 5-1; 4-4 on the road; 9-7; 4-4 on the road, and 5-2 last night...guess what that projects out to?? That is a 100 minute advantage/differential over the course of the season! And that's with the even up calls!


  1. So this isn't a Sens blog ? Or is your fanship just based on your hatred for TML? If the later pls give it up as it's sad and exactly what every Leafs' fan says about the insecurity of Sens' fans.

  2. Anon:

    Truth, conquers all! A fair shot is all I ask! Did ya see how bad Rangers had to out play Tranna by tonight to win by one goal!

  3. Anon:

    Sorry but the Zebras and the league need to be exposed for what they are...CORRUPT!! This has nothing to do with being an insecure fan. Toronto is getting a real hefty dose of freebies and if you can't see that for yourself I would like to suggest an eye exam to start with.

  4. Don't mind Anon, he's just lashing out because the "2011 Stanley Cup Champs" are starting to get exposed for what they really are.

    Let's see how they do against the city that INVENTED truculence, Philadephia!

  5. I'm glad you're documenting this stuff Nik.

    I hope a few GM's around the league are building cases too, with notes and videos.

  6. Boys:

    I'm not going to "Spit the bit" now...there is one Leaf record that they are still in the process of establishing!