Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The "Supernatural!

Just went out and acquired a magical 1970's Egyptian Pyramid. It's a lucky 7 inches all around, every dimension...has King Tut himself out front. A lot of people don't believe but a lot of people do...preserves old boys...sharpens ya up...improves your ya more could we not give this a try!! I placed it right under my computer...I can feel the energy surge already!

The Egyptians were not a democracy, many democracies, like the NHL, are not fair, but their society worked very well one of the most efficient ever, they were moral and truthful, if you stole or cheated them they "cut your hand off"

So relax let "Pyramid Power" do it's thing...we beat Buffalo Friday night we can still turn this thing around!

PS: If I was Head Coach, I would have a séance, an exorcism and a dressing room burning of Number 13. Notice #15 did nothing for ZacH!

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