Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The "Rotation!"

- Brian Elliott gets Buffalo and the home would be unfair to throw Pascal to the wolves in the first game.

- Pascal gets the Tranna game Saturday Night cause he is going to be our "Super Star Reliever! He loves beating the Leafs on National TV.

- Team DEFENCE to watch for...Alfie calming the waters in his own end...Fish helping his D back deep to help start the break out...Kelly, just playing his usual smart DEFENCE FIRST game and the young $th line dominating @ both ends!

- Coach Clouston should switch up Philly and "EriK" for Philly and "Sarge", it makes for a long night for Campy but he has shown in the past that when Karlsson is "Galavanting" like you know he will be opening night, Campoli is the best man to cope with it. (Speed)

- Note: Carks and Lee have to play well also because everyone has to play well to beat Buffalo!

- Note 2: Brophy, is the only one to pick SENs to win the Division. He really has a brilliant hockey mind!


  1. Saint Pascal will get the start against the "Grazing Beasts" and if the outcome is positive, he's in again in the "Wastelands of Truculence".


  2. Campi and the Kid? Too small a pairing vs. Toronto, IMO, fine against MTL.

  3. Larr:

    It sure looks that way...the goalies are about equal but the Sharpies for the Blundering Bissons hold the puck and work our Tender of the Twine...We like Pascal,I just hope old Happy Foot doesn't get too active, "Puttin' on the Ritz!"

  4. GN:

    You're right of course but ya can't have "EriK" play with his Sargent and I'm afraid Philly is "Spooked!"

    Rumor had it Carks might even get the job...there is legit concern!