Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hockey Superstition!

- Ya don't play "Kitty bar the door" because it don't work...almost always the other guys score!

- Ya let your goalie go out first because he's the most important guy on the team!

- You don't take a great player's number, especially if he played the same position as you, because it's bad luck...#33...that's why teams hang 'em up!

- Number 13...#13...is the "Death" Card in a Tarot Deck...the number is poison...Petr, this is your lucky game seven, if ya don't score in Buffalo lose that sweater number...you're killin' us!

Note: ZacH, I would not have touched an Ottawa Sweater with #15 on it, it may be still toxic as you are finding out!

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