Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pascal's Problems!

- loses feel/sight of the puck/puck carrier behind his own net...vulnerable to the quick wrap around or pass out!

- bites on the first move every time!

- too much movement...happy feet...puttin' on the Ritz!

- flags instead of catching the puck...no catch, no cover!

- those great legs kick the puck right back to the attackers for a rebound or even two!

- when he retreats back into his net he makes himself small he looks "Gerber" size!

- I think he lost a game he should have won tonight and it's going to happen again too often!

- He is now o for the start of the season!

- The guy has no luck!

- I think he can still be a super sub later in the season!


  1. You seem to focus on his flaws a lot more than his upside. He got us one point last night. Elliot will NOT be any better Nik.

    If you want to point the finger at something, start with our underachieving "Top 6", now that"s a "BIG" problem right now.

  2. Larr:

    You are right...but your goalie can solve a lot of your problems...presto...in one game!

  3. But your 'goalie' can't score. The top 6, I agree have been invisible for whatever reason.
    Get them going to get the goals. I know most of them only played 1 or 2 pre-season games... maybe that is the problem.
    Other teams seem to give a limited amount of time to 'rookies' to get a look... but the Sens spent about 6 games doing that. Not enough time to get the team chemistry going with most of the NHL guys only playing 2 pre-season games... Could that be one of the problems to the slow start? Or just their mid-season slump just happened at the beginning.