Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The "Refs!"

- If the Ref doesn't make the Visiting Center put his stick down first on the ice the Home Team loses all it's advantage...which you are supposed to have.

- the young Refs, the "Newbies", just up from the bushes, don't have a regular rhythm and every once in a while fake dropping the puck, this is murder on the timing of your center ice men.

- we need a dry land "Draw" competition...all centers...Ron Shock, Captain of the Penguins, 1976!

- the Leafs in a pretty evenly called "fair fight" type game get that gift from Stephen Walkom...can you imagine if that call had gone against Tranna!! One or two of those a year can keep your season going...

- Tranna still maintains a large minor penalty (power play) advantage over their opposition while fielding one of the "Dirtiest teams in the league!"

- Florida should have called J-S G (Just a Supersized Guy) for being the largest (Blue and White) beach ball the League has ever seen and had Walkom make Tranna forfeit the game! I count at least 5 measurements he exceeds!

- Stephen Walkom, like all come backs if you are past the "Best Before"'re done!!


  1. It's crazy with the lack of penalties called against that 'truculent team' isn't it? Kinda makes you wonder if favorites are played.
    That allowed goal by Orr last night was a JOKE.
    I can't seem to find a replay but I saw a highlight this morning that indicated there should have been a penalty on Giguere just before the Kessel goal.

    So the refs decided this game, which is something that should NEVER happen.

    They are SUPPOSED to be totally impartial.. but for some teams it sure appears they are not.

    I would just love to hear the refs explanation as to why they allowed that goal?

  2. Sandy:

    It was bad and then they shoot it in off his foot...there is something wrong with Walkom, he couldn't get along with the guys in the League Office and now he goes out on the road to get away from his wife...but he knows enough not to call a late in the game penalty on his adopted home town boys! Can you believe it, he teaches and runs a Referee's School called "Three Blind Mice" by his pupils!


  3. Point 5 is a closely guarded secret Nik, and the stats state it clearly.
    If you care for your life, you will forget what you know.
    Toronto, the 2nd worst club in the league last season, was only one of 2, yes 2, + teams in PP for and against.