Friday, October 8, 2010

We are too easy to play against!

- Pascal played great but...those happy feet...he moves too much for me!

- Pascal the "Winner" was a bad goal.

- Missed Jason on the PP and 5 on 5.

- With our defence we're going to need 4 a night to win.

- We are too old to fore go the pre-game skate-"flat!"

- Chris Phillips looks like the lost DEFENCEMAN...get away from "EriK" and shake it off! #14 with "EriK" and #4 with #55 and Carks with #5.

- Start thinking about scoring short handed because your going to spend the whole first period in the box.


  1. Relax a bit, it wasnt a personel issue it was a systems issue, they were just sloppy in the neutral zone and didnt play as a 5 man unit.

  2. Saw the highlights again this morning, that second goal was not "Saint Pascal's" fault but rather the result of bad D coverage. If Carks had stayed with Roy (who banked it off Leclair's back side from behind the net) or if Philly had cleared the puck away instead of passing it to Buffalo, we are possibly talking OT and 1 point.

    Things have to tighten up tonight in Tranna. The "Blue Boys" WILL be crashing the crease all night.

  3. Boys:

    Pascal bites on the first move everytime...only Rick can cure him of this.

  4. Guaranteed tonight that the first call goes to Ottawa in the first 5 minutes of the game. Brian Lee, don't even raise your arm as if to even hint that you will be "touching" anything "blue".