Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pascal is an inch taller than J-S G!

- Pascal Leclaire is an inch taller and the same weight as the Beluga. Clearly Pascal needs some bigger "goalie gear", pads, pants, all around. Leclaire in his net looks Gerber size while clearly J-S Giguere looks to be the largest goal tender to ever play pro hockey and there have been some big ones but nobody larger!

- Brian Elliott is the same size as Leclaire so clearly he requires some new bigger pads and pants also.

- When does the League's Goalie Equipment guy do the EAST because to see that Beluga Whale down on one knee tonight up again the post in the final seconds blocking the whole net left the Canadiens no chance to score. It looked like someone had stuffed a "Supersized" blue and white beach ball in the Tranna net.

- Notice the two that the Habs did get they had to drag the Leafs' Target out of the net to get it past him.

Note: This is the second game in a row that there were no POV Bucket Shots from the Net Cam...that Switcher/Director in the truck is pretty good!

- Tune in later for Coach Clouston's strategy for Saturday night!

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  1. I simply cannot understand it, he's been doing it his entire career, with no reprisals from the league. I just don't get it.