Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pig in a Poke!

- It's all Doug Maclean's fault! If he had not drafted Pascal in the first round and became married to the guy he would never have recommended M. Leclaire to Bryan.

- the play off myth...we sat right behind him in game 6/Pittsburgh and watched him lose a three goal lead, there was nothing spectacular about that!

- as Terry Sawchuk told me "I don't want to chance it and change my luck!" talking about changing his blocker. If ya want to be a goal tender ya gotta have some luck...forget about being a lucky goalie, Pascal is the unluckiest person I've ever seen!

- I don't care if you are a pilot or a priest if you miss as much time as he has you lose your "edge"...

- Pascal Leclaire is 15 games under 500 life time...there is not a starting goalie in Europe or in the world for that matter who is 15 games under 500 life time! That to me says Ottawa Senators 29th Place!


  1. way to be positive

  2. Lay off - He is way better than Elliot.

  3. What's sad is that you've wasted three full posts lamenting on the goalie YOU picked to guide this team to first place in the East. 3 games in (in which he has played somewhat well), you are crying about his play like you are some sort of jilted lover.

    Instead of wasting people's time with your constant complaining about Leclaire (again, who you claimed at the beginning of pre-season would be "the chosen one"), why not place the criticism where it belongs? On our aging veterans and floating 'superstars' like Alexei Kovalev.

    Choose a new subject, you've beaten this one to death already. Leclaire or Elliott, with the way the team played in front of any goalie would have resulted in three losses.

  4. Anon:

    Brian Kilray, himself, has committed Pascal to the Lalime pile!

  5. Dutch:

    It's time to cut bait...I...we made a mistake...it's time to move on. You cannot afford an 0 for ten start...the man is a back breaker, he cannot make the big save!

  6. Nik, you're missing the boat on this one. Blaming Leclaire, even for the OT loss, is akin to blaming the iceberg for the sinking of the Titanic.

  7. GN:

    This ship has sailed and I certainly missed it but Pascal's one bad one a game is killing Alf and Phillips...it's deja vue all over again...don't get "kludgy" on me, have you forgotten how good Patrick Lalime was until the crunch...it's time to move on and the money could get in the way here!

  8. He's a free agent at the end of the year. The sens won't resign him unless the team has alot of success and it does that means that he played well. Even if they do resign him he wont get big money. If he plays half decent and doesnt get big money then it isnt even an issue. They are going to pick either Pascal or Elliot to keep the seat warm for Robin. If Pascal is the guy then so be it. Either way they arent giving elliot or pascal number 1 money. Either way we win at the end of the season.
    So stop shitting on our goalie. He isnt going anywhere. If what he is doing is as bad as you say it is then this season is a write off anyways because chances are Elliot will be about the same.

  9. Anon:

    Your goalie is Brian Elliott, with Brodeur he brought you to 5th from nowhere last year. Pascal was not there.

    Your "Super Sub" may have some value later on once we stablize...quit trying to put "Lipstick on a Pig!"

  10. Take it easy Canucnik. Leclaire has been playing well the last three games, and if the team is honest with themselves they'll know that they haven't played well enough to win any of them. Forget about Leclaire's peformances until the team plays well enough to win a game or two, then let's see Elliott.

  11. hamblown:

    Do you guys realize how bad a starting goalie has to be on a fifth place club to be 15 games under 500 life time...it's the worst record in the world.

    You are going to see Brian Elliott against Carolina because Coach Clouston is feeling the heat and Pascal lost his teammates with that last goal in Washington...that was the straw that broke the camel's back!

  12. Spezza and the rest of the Sens top 6 doing nothing for an entire game was the straw that broke the camels back. Dont even bring up the powerplay. Admittedly they played about as well defensively against a team like washington as they ever have in the last few years, but at the same time its not like the players are all sitting in the dressing room thinking about leclaire's questionable goal against ovechkin after they shit the bed in 2 consecutive games. The difference was not leclaire, and even if it was I'm sure the players wouldnt blame him.

  13. Nik is getting some heat on this one, but I think he is correct in saying that Leclaire can't lead this gang anywhere. Having said that, if Bryan Murray is still GM of this team by Xmas, I will start cheering for my friend Claude Julien and his Bruins. They are a sad bunch to watch with the old broken down unwanted former stars floating around.


  14. Anon:

    There are three decisive factors in any hockey game...PP, PK and Goal Tending. Ya can win with a poor PP, the PK can have an off night and still win...when your goalie no matter how well he played earlier lets in a soft one you lose!

    Pascal Leclaire lets in one soft one every game. The Washington guys were not picking a corner...Semin has a 4 x 6, the one from behind him the guy in front has 3/4s of the net!

    #33, he bites, he guesses, he jumps and he over plays everything!