Friday, October 15, 2010

Lehner is in the Limo Saturday morning!

- Two days before the regular season opener I was sleeping/dreaming but I was also communicating telepathically with Coach Clouston. There was Brian Elliott, our number one starting goal tender at the players bench talking with Robin Lehner, his back up and the coaches. If I could have transmitted instead of only receiving, Cory would have got the message to keep "Robin" ready for Prime Time Lehner in the SHOW as Elliott's back up but lookin' @ 30 games!

- The kid was so ready, comin' out of camp General Manager Bryan Murray could taste it!

- Step one get the young man to Monteal for Saturday nights game.

- This is it, this is the start of a Great Hockey Saga..."Young Swedish goal tending SENsation joins EriK Karlsson to conquer the hockey world!"


  1. So Canucnik - you are responsible for Leclaire's injury? Ha ha...
    Maybe the league should look at these players that consistently run into goaltenders.
    I'm hoping Lehner gets in a game or two. I suspect Leclaire is out close to a month.

  2. Nik, you must be on cloud nine right now.

  3. Sandy:

    Pascal ain't having any fun I've heard the horror stories first hand of goalies playing with a broken leg or worse so that the other guy doesn't get a chance. Ya wanna see these guys @ 50 years old, Milt Schmidt may have the plastic hips but the goalies...

    I'd keep Pascal as a Super Sub...5 or 6 games max.

  4. Nichols:

    I don't dislike Pascal, I thought he had a "Shot"...but what we do to our athelets when clearly they are done...makes me sick!