Saturday, October 23, 2010

Habs too fast for us tonight!

- if they got the puck, then we don't!

- my pyramid is not strong enough to over come unlucky #15 and unholy #13!

- we can't score...heck we cannot hit the net!

- "EriK", the Power Players work for 30 seconds to get you that "look" from 15 feet...take the shot!

- Jersey blanks the Habs, Habs shut us out, Buffalo blanks Jersey, we beat Buffalo...what gives?

- we're so fragile, unlucky #15 gets fouled, Habs come down and score with two of our guys trapped in their end! Turning point????

- Elliott has to figure out that rebound off the back comes right back out to his left foot! That's about 3 times I've seen that one now!

- KOvy maybe done!

- Jason is a big hole to he done? Are we done?

- $15.8 mill in the infirmary, it's too much, too tough for us!

- Bad teams get nervous playing in front of their own fans!

- Let's give Robin a start...before "Fancy Feet" returns!

- When your team consists of "old smoothies" make sure ya freeze the "Gosh Darn" was bad enough in Buffalo last night, Denis called it "Hot Rubber" but in your own rink...ya freeze those babies "Rock Hard".


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