Saturday, October 9, 2010


- Pascal kicks too many pucks out in front of play! He is a way too active, they get a rebound or two on every shot!

- 5 goals on 38 shots is not great goal tending.

- "Erik" is sophomore slumping...he's been reading too many of his clippings!

- Chris Phillips, and we love the guy...stinks!

- Bryan Murray has 5 guys, who look and play older than him!

- the Zebra were making sure "early" that there was no chance of us coming back or even getting any momentum...I counted three infractions on us and then they give us the cheapy!

- to the "Big Blue Beach Ball" if ya ain't cheatin', ya ain't tryin'.

- the Big Blue Machine DEFENCE is a paper tiger...they are going to fall apart...they are just not very good!

- the CBC switcher made one mistake...he showed the "Beluga's" back side just once and where he should have a crack in his ass it looked like he had a "Tail Fin!"


  1. They lacked energy nik.. reminded me of the hartsburgh days. Except with the offensive 2 man forcheck, if you don't have the energy to execute, your defense is too weak and cannot limit chances.
    Hope they can turn it up soon ..


  2. Scary bad. Disjointed Harstburg forecheck bad. Leclaire only looks good 'cause everyone else played bad. Kovalev can't carry anyone anymore, he needs to be carried now-scary.


  3. Well the Ref last night was McCreary. There was a statistic last season by Dean & Gord on one of their games, that the Sens are given more penalties by McCreary than by any other ref. Does that explain things?
    BUT Sens did not play well. The defence looks bad. Whatever new system the coaches put in -- take it OUT. It's not working. Sens gave the appearance that they did not even want to be there. Terrible passing, lack of intensity, not skating. Let's hope this can get better -- or Monday's game will be a dougle-digit loss.

  4. Guys we're playin' like we went to the Stanley Cup finals last year and we are so "old" and so "tired" that it could be Xmas for our team to find it's groove. We are not good enough for a Tranna type slow start!