Friday, October 22, 2010

Phillips best vs Buffalo!

- Chris Phillips has played his best hockey over his career in big games against Buffalo.

- Give Phillips to "EriK" and start 'em...25 minutes each no PP time...extreme DEFENCIVE concentration! "EriK" gets Roy all night...a battle of the Titans!

- Brian Elliott will make a game saver/winner in the 3rd period's what starting goalies do!

- Petr will score tonight as my "Pyramid" will nullify that number on his back!

- "Mario" go to the net and push that big kid around a little, he's not nearly as tough as they make him out to be!

- our starting/winning DEFENCE pairings...Phillips and "EriK"; Campi and "Sarge"; Carks and Hale.

- And above all play as clean and smart (Too many men) as ya can because we are the designated "Patsies" this year!

- Coach Clouston have that blank cheque made out to "Con Man Colin" Campbell/NHL Flower Fund, stuck in your back pocket because one of these nights you are going to have to take the big one...the big "fine" cause ya gotta get the ZEBRA off your team!


  1. Hey Nik, can your "Pyramid" also nullify my credit card balance? ;-)

    Ya, force "EriK" into a shutdown role for a while. This will do wonders for the kid. He's got the speed and skating ability to keep up with the water bugs.

  2. Larr:

    My "Pyramid" only works on the Devil"s work...

    I think "EriK" can pull this off, Roy won't know what hit him!