Thursday, October 7, 2010

Elliott out played Pascal!

- For anyone who actually watched training camp (Phil Melanson) Brian Elliott outplayed Pascal both statistically and positionally.

- The one "Tough" one for Brian Elliott, where Mr. Lee, let's the guy drift by him and have a two step "Boomer" from just inside the chance...all you can do is take away the short side, make yourself as big as possible and not move or open up!

- Elliott has been steadier...looks more confident!

- Versage, MacArthur and Coach Clouston would like to start Pascal in Tranna on Saturday night and give Elliott the opener here as I and many others have advocated, it's the "smart" move early!

- However, the new goalie coach and Murray the younger will advise Bryan to start Pascal as it is the politically smart thing to do...all those expensive seat occupants want to see what there $4.8 mill has bought them!

- I think we could beat these guys using 6 attackers but without "Rocco" and our DEFENCE's a "Crap Shoot"

Note: the NHL Goalie Equipment Man should look at Cam Ward, his pads are bigger than the Beluga's box cars. Remember, these guys were/are measured @ 6'1" not 6'3" or 6'4" they have to wear 36" x 9" goalie pads. And while you're at it measure the Beluga's waist...he weighs 202 not 302! Also, if you think I'm pickin' on this guy I am, he's been cheatin' for 10 years!

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