Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Change the Goalie!"

- If this was the middle of a game we'd change the goalie!

- If Scotty Bowman was our coach, he'd change the goalie!

- If Cory Clouston was the Coach and G-M, he would have changed the goalie to start the season!

- I have watched goalies live and on TV for fifty years, goalies in my net and at the other end of the ice. The best ever, winners, lucky ones, no luck losers, I have watched and talked goal tending with them all from Sawchuk and Bower right up to the present...they would tell you "change the goalie!"


  1. If Scotty Bowman was our coach, he'd "get the effing powerplay working". He'd "bench Erik Karlsson's ass". And you can be damn sure he'd "establish a forecheck that retrieves the puck".

  2. Anon:

    Yes, all of that but first he would change the goalie!

  3. Four sound like a broken record.

  4. Dutch:

    It's not the big deal you are making out of it. Terry Sawchuk and Johnny Bower shared the net in Tranna when they were both still considered the best in the business. "Punch" would change them from period to period...that was the 1967 cup team!!

    Pascal definitely needs a rest...I still think he's a better reliever!

  5. Well, you got your wish, Elliott will play one of the two next games. Most believe it will be tomorrow, but I suggest you play him against the Habs, he has their number.

  6. As for what the coaches SHOULD say, I'm going to quote the Killer: "You have three options, you can clear the puck out, you can f#ck off, or you can f#ck off."

  7. Dutch:

    The actual Killer quote is and I've heard him say it: "Kid, ya got three options, you can clear the puck out off the glass or you can fuck off...or you can fuck off!!"

    You are takin' this all the wrong way this may save more loss in a row to start the season may have been the end of him!

  8. Dutch:

    Both Galley and York think you start Pascal again tonight...that's why goalies make the best coaches...joke!!!

    Watch Price lose his job tonight!


  9. Hey Nik,

    Did you see the goal Ovechkin got on Roloson last night?

    I have to agree with Jeremy Milks take on Ovechkin's wrist shot. That guy just makes goalies look bad.

    I'm still willing to give Snoopy some slack till he's had a chance to get his groove back and the team rallys around him.

    That said, it could still be that CC is just giving him the rope to hang himself...