Saturday, October 16, 2010

Don't worry be happy!

In every life ya have some trouble, when you worry ya make it double!

Hershey is an AHL Powerhouse, Robin, 40 shots when you are at the wrong party...ya 're just trying to get out the door and not get hit!

At nineteen if you are going to play with the men ya might as well go and play with the "Big Guys", as we all know it's two totally different games.

Note: Our guys, SENs people, have a tendency to equate the two leagues as almost the equivalent of each other...I'm not sure I agree!

Robin Lehner, I think, is ready for prime time, I'd like to see him get a couple games in the "Show" now that "EriK" has settled down and the forwards have stared to skate a little bit!

- The Habs look vulnerable but Price is playing better than I thought he would.

- As I told you guys, Gionta is feeling the "Montreal Pressure" big time!

- The Zebra seem to be having trouble getting a handle on the new Rules and calling the new game...I'd like to see the confidential directives that each ref is receiving???

- Brian Elliott earns his "Keep" tonight...this one feels like another 3 pointer!

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