Wednesday, October 13, 2010


- Both York and Galley think Pascal should get one more start because he is playing so well! I don't know who's basement they are watching the games in!

- Talk about being politically correct! 77% Popular Opinion!

- Both of these "Offensive" defencemen really know a lot about coaching goalies...York's last goalie was Tim Thomas on his way to winning the Vezina Trophy, who used to tell him..."Yorkie just stay outta the way and let me see 'EM!" While Galley had his best days standing around in front of Dominik Hasek.

- Or maybe they want to get rid of Pascal permanently!


  1. And here I thought you were a defensemen coach, whaddya know about goalies?

    Of course the goalie's the problem, who do you work for, the Sun? Let's run 'em all out of town and praise the hard work of plugs who'll never be more than career back-ups! (Auld, Elliott)

    Better yet, let's completely absolve our top 6 forwards who haven't scored a meaningful goal or our PP who's shooting blanks.

    Maybe, JUST MAYBE (and that's a novel concept) the problem lies there instead of with the guy who's held this sad bunch afloat.

    Seriously, give it a rest...

  2. Anon:

    Elliott is no back up...he got you to fifth place last year, 5 positions higher than the experts projected.

    You skate over there and take a seat on the bench beside #33 York and #3 Galley, for two NHL DEFENCEMEN to not recognize all the symptoms of a goalie in big trouble is horse poo.

    That's why I have been outlining it for you guys for 4 posts...none of your experts seem to be able to recognize it!

  3. I have to say canucnik im not following you on this one. Pascal is playing in front of a team right now that looks like horse poo and besides the overtime goal (what we were gonna beat the caps in a shootout anyway?) he has held up his end of the bargain.

    Goaltending is not this teams strong point. If the forwards arnt contributing and team defense is no where to be found this team is in trouble.

    The only bad luck Pascal has had this season is playing in front of a team that looks out to lunch.

  4. Anon:

    There are a lot of half truths, fibs and misconceptions out there this morning.

    Ultimately the goalie is at fault for every goal!

    The Buffalo winner, the Washington winner and the back breaker 3rd goal for the Leafs all had a serious stench...

    The goal keeper is your most important player, he wins or loses for your team every night...every game...Pascal is not up to it any more...we forget how good he "was" at the top of his game!

  5. C'mon Nik. No one goalie is a TEAM. Pascal is getting his stride back after a ditched season last year. Soft goals will be less frequent and OVERALL team play will get better and better and we will soon forget about the FALSE start to the season.

  6. Hey Nik,

    Did you see the goal Ovechkin got on Roloson last night?

    I have to agree with Jeremy Milks take on Ovechkin's wrist shot. That guy just makes goalies look bad.

    I'm still willing to give Snoopy some slack till he's had a chance to get his groove back and the team rallys around him.

    That said, it could still be that CC is just giving him the rope to hang himself...

  7. Well, there you go you sack of crap, your negative energy willed him out for the next 5. You're wrong on this, goalies are not the only one responsible for the goals scored on a team, the d and centremen bear responsibility for not blocking cross crease passes and for not taking their assigned man. They also bear responsibility for deflections/redirections and all other flukey bounces that often end up in the back of the net. Anyone who has ever coached or watched a hockey game should know this, you clearly do not, so stop commenting like you're some kind of Andy Sutton expert.

  8. Anon:

    You are too dumb to remember Pascal as the best prospect in the "Q" or better than Fleury in Columbus...I cannot accept a broken replica of that goal keeper...he's done...he's not having any fun anymore...and he ain't coming back!

    And before you critique me any longer hang around with some good old goal tenders for a life time and come back and talk to me!