Thursday, October 28, 2010

When ya get your Sea Legs under ya, you win the draw!

- Nice goin' boys, 61%...67% for Chris Kelly in the face off circle!

- Petr is snake bit!

- Alfie, you and 9MM no more skatin' on game day unless ya want to and ya don't have to practice anymore either!

- "Sarge", you tested my faith, but instead of coming late with this squad ya gotta come takes awhile to get to know these guys but they are a good bunch with some talent!

- Coach, close the "Infirmary" and send those guys and their $15 mill to Elmira...joke!!

- Alex keep talkin' (teaching) to "Mario" and Petr, they think they are playing with Mario Lemieux...

- I have said something similar to this before but Mr. Hale may have just played Kuba from the "Infirmary" to the Press Box!

- Another solid performance by our Number One Goal Tender!

- Jaarko was the best passer on the ice tonight next to Alfie!

- Philly with speed boys like "Flash", Petr, "Mario", Fish and 9MM brakin' it out and "Sarge" standing beside you, don't handle the puck, ya don't have to...

- Coach Clouston keep your "Teaching Easel" at hand and in use, the really good ones learn something new everyday! Note: I meant it for the players but it applies to the Coaches also!

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