Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday thoughts!

- Tuesday night at the "Home Call" ACC it doesn't matter where the ZEBRA come from but they will just happen to be from the the GTA..."Logistics!" Question: "Will the SENs' penalty Box be big enough?"

- Greg Millen, the game colour guy/commentator's helper, just happens to be born in Toronto, works for Leafs TV and writes on the official web site of the Toronto Maple Leafs...what gives? for a goalie, he is terrible!

- On the Leafs site they have a picture of the "Largest" goalie (J-S G) to ever play pro goals...the four corners are clipped to make him look smaller...he's on an angle to further reduce the shock (all camera men, who photograph "large" people, do this)...have you ever seen him, in his pads, straight on and standing...have you ever seen him, in all his glory, with his butt stuck in the net cam...I count 5 measurements in excess of the very generous rules...ya got see him live because they will not show him on TV!

Note: J-S G, the B-- B--- B---- B---l's picture has been taken down, I assume he's been put back in the closet where they hide him!

- Memo to Kaye Whitmore, the NHL's busy goalie measurer, I know ya missed "Just an over Sized Guy" a couple times in California, he always seemed to have a cold but if ya don't get to Tranna to take your measurements before they are out of the play offs whats the point?? By the way your explanation on NHL TV is "Bafflegab"...did you ever work for Stephen Harper?

- Komisarek is beatin' up small forwards "again", so ZacH, take one for the team and demolish this "Fakir", pull the arm out of it's socket because he will not fight with you, he will try to "Wrassle" and hang on!

- Chris, #3, their so called Captain, needs a lesson early!

- Kessel has lost his confidence, he thinks he's all they got and he is right, don't give him any encouragement! "Thank you, Kessel!"

- Wilson is about to lose it...don't be afraid to chirp him..."Mr. Wilson, why would an American Master Mind want to coach this pathetic team in Canada!"

- Burkie's "Rough Necks" are the cleanest team in the league...that's the biggest joke of all...

- In a "fair fight" type game, we are still too good for these guys! I'm still mad because they fixed us that first game in Tranna!

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