Monday, November 1, 2010

Nik's Premonition!

Clairvoyance...I am only "Clairvoyant" about my hockey team the Ottawa SENATORS, when we heard that Petr was going to change his number I was alarmed but when we first saw him in his #13 sweater I had the worst premonition that he would not only have some bad luck himself but that it could and would effect the whole squad. I even considered changing my prognostication for the up coming season!

Serious blunders call for serious fixes...lose that "Number"!

There have been some instances where that number didn't bother it's player...but in the vast majority of cases it's a bum and the guy wearing it is/was a bum!

As I stated very early on, I think it is/was a bad idea and I still do! Unless it has become an us and them Euro/North American thing! Change the number Petr!

Note: Often a player wearing #13 after being sent to another team for poor play, changes his number when he gets there.

Memo to P. Regin: "If I was your golf coach, a player of your ability gone cold, I'd make you change your 64 degree wedge, the 13th club in the bag!"

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