Friday, November 26, 2010

Hey Walkom!

Hey Walkom, Colie Campbell doesn't play for the Ottawa Senators, why are you taking it out on us!

- Kennedy has both feet in the crease and his jock resting on Pascal's shoulder...ya got a "Player in the Goal Crease" or "Goal Tender Interference!" Take your choice but ya gotta pick one!

- Kelly's double minor, the second one was weaker than the first, ya just can't make stupid f&*%in' calls like's horse poo and you are killin' us...Pittsburgh had just won 4 in a row, share the wealth...a fair fight is all we ask!

Now we got the old Pee Wee trick where you line the guy up blindside (Fisher) then take him out looking away and looking off the Official...did none of you guys play pee wee!

These calls are heart breaking game changers...Wake Up! Your ZEBRA MGMT system is fooling nobody...we are sick of it!

PS: BTW you are under REVIEW!


  1. I agree. It certainly is difficult to take one-sided reffing as anything but fixing games. That non-call on the blind-side hit on fish was downright disgraceful, and it cost the sens the game. It's hard to take this league seriously. It's just too frustrating. The ohl is far more progressive and better called.

  2. Forgot something: don't let up on campbell. Just because the mainstream media gave him a pass because of that "hockey dad" bullshit excuse. A peewee coach doesn't get away with favourtism like that. Why the hell should the head of discipline for the greatest league on the planet. Don't let him off the hook.


  3. Refs should never decide games.. but they are.
    Yesterday's game, the LA game (even though Sens won), the Tor-Nash game when Orr 'tackled' the Nash goalie out of the net for an open net goal that counted.

    This is not the first game Walthom has messed up. If he fired "Warren" for not doing his job.. then he had better look at his face in the mirror -- or go back to a desk job.

    I realize that refs don't see everything BUT there were 2 of them on the ice. The Fisher incident was about 15 ft in front of the net WITHOUT a crowd of players (I believe) -- so how do BOTH of them miss that... no excuses.

    Is there any kind of consequences to these refs for missing blatant calls on the ice, or do their 'bosses' so oh well, we missed that one.

    This league is losing all credibility. It really makes you wonder IF that these refs are not involved in the same thing the NBA refs were?

  4. I don't know what to say...

    Over the past couple years, I have come to expect this horse sh*t.

    It doesn't surprise me anymore.

    And it seems that nothing is getting done about it. There are no consequences, and I have to conclude that the league is ok with it. Could have to do with markets and TV deals (ie. money), I don't know, and I'm starting to not even care.

    It just makes me not want to watch the NHL on TV anymore.

    I love the Sens, but the NHL is becoming a joke.

    It's the only reason I still have cable TV at the moment, and for the money, I can't really say it's worth it to watch this kind of travesty AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    Netflix here I come...

  5. Boys, hang on to your hats, this should be good tonight?