Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's time for Colie to go!

It's time for Colie, the Neanderthal, to go because:

- Harry Sinden and Bob Clarke are gone!

- hockey dad's should not be execs in the kid's league!

- leaning on the Referee-in-Chief, concerning another Official, when the issue was all did they ever win that Ruling? "Tampering"? Black Mail? Old Boy's Club?

- putting Stephen Walkom back on the ice (PRESSURE), to high lite an old man's short comings.

- allowing the Tranna Minor Penalty imbalance to continue (it's a sham), when in reality the best case 5 years ago was "Rock Bottom" and a rebuild...

- Daly, Campbell and especially the "Boss" have been there too long...remember Clarence Campbell end up a convicted "embezzler" and the "Eagle"...Power and Tenure corrupt...move these "Clowns out!"

- we know he can't get a regular hockey job, so put him out in the paddock, one of them Markham race horse pastures!


  1. Those emails are making me think that Leaf favoritism may be the real deal. Let's face it, a lot of the hockey establishment grew up cheering for the Leafs. The emails expose a culture, at the upper echelons of the league, which is pretty unprofessional.

    I'm wondering if the Old Boys just might be biased enough to help their favorite team every once in a while.

  2. Campbell still having a job is a disgrace. This truly still is a garage league. The fact that all those old farts came out and showed support without condemming ANY of it is also deeply troubling.

    I am literally astonished at the whole situation, including the lack of media coverage over the upper echelons of the league essentially influencing the outcome of game, this is what that ref in basketball went ot jail for.


  3. Anon:

    This Tranna Old Boys think they are the Bilderberg Group of the NHL!

  4. pg

    Appearently the treatment of some of the Refs was over the top, brutal...

    NOTHING but silence!

  5. To think Colin Campbell still has his job and the NHL backed him -- makes me really re-consider the integrity of the NHL.

    How can you read those e-mails and say he has always been fair in his job duties.

    Those e-mails indicate that he was not. Trying to get a ref fired because he gave his son a penalty? Really? He's not supposed to be involved in any matter on the ice regarding his son. But he tries to get a ref fired?

    Those comments on Marc Savard. Now tell me how he could treat anything without bias in matters involving Savard... he could not.

    Someone suggested a panel of 4 people to take over the job of discipline. That would guarantee a fair outlook.

    As for the Leafs/Nashville game the other night... wow Preds got 6 straight penalties -- 5 of them within 10 min -- two of those back to back 5 on 3's. No wonder they won that game.
    Some of those penalties were ridiculous. They were short-handed for about 1/2 a period? That's crazy?

    Some teams appear to be favoured due they not?

  6. Sandy:

    The NHL's Board of Governers reminds me of the US Congress...the NHL's Bettman and crew reminds me of the former BUSH Administration...all hopeless cases!

    The next big issue, if Ottawa is getting it in the throat...I'm going to Tranna to see these guys...this stuff has got to of the reasons they don't like Mark Savard is...He's from OTTAWA!

    I have delt with these guys in sports, government and business all my life...I could write another book on this!