Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tranna's Lee Versage the closet Leaf fan!

OK, Lee, the Referee explain:

- the make up calls at the end of "Every" Leafs' game!

- the projected "2 hour" imbalance in minor penalties the Leafs shall receive this season even if you count the "Make Up" calls.

- how some of the Refs (GTA guys) just only have a problem with those dirty Ottawa guys! And we are talking over a career!

- how you can call "too many men" every change on the fly but only certain teams seem to get that call? Ottawa gets 400% more than Montreal or Toronto!

- the number one (Pet peeve) the complete bogus phantom call at the most crucial time! Like when Tranna really needs a goal!

Note: your big Philly team could not score in the early going receiving five (5) minor penalties (nine (9) total) last night...they must be a pretty dirty team...oh no they just play dirty against Montreal not Ottawa!

Note 2: Seems like a lot of Tranna guys talking on the radio about my SENs...Lee Versage, Scott MacArthur, Phil Melanson (Montreal Leaf fan), Gordie Wilson, Mike Eastwood (Toronto Maple Leafs)...

Note 3: Lee, the only way the Yotes could score their forth goal was short handed because everytime they turned around there was another of their men in the "Box!"
I guess Ottawa will just have to get better scoring short handed, eh!

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