Thursday, November 4, 2010

Too loose for the Habs!

- a big game from our goalie, when you win 4-1 and get out shot again...your goal tender has been very, very good again!

- when your number one center can produce 4 offensive points a game ya don't have "Rocco" out there killin' penalties!

- David Hale deserves to keep our "China Doll" on the shelf in the infirmary for another week of games!

- Coach Clouston, playing with the lead, this has become a "Coaching Issue", we are not retreating back far enough in our own zone to help the DEFENCE and we are not taking care of the puck...the safe play, boys...saves a lot of energy!

- Chris Neil, you are in one of your brain dead phases, that's two or three games now where you take the "Bad" penalty in the offensive zone at the "Bad" time in the game..."Wake Up!"

- Keep rehearsing the Power Play, it looks terrific but we got a long way to go should be one of the best in the league!


  1. Nik:

    You are right on about Hale. He has stablized "Pup"'s play. "Pup" needs to play with a stay at home defenceman (i.e. last year with Sutton) for him to be comfortable playing "his" game.

    Is it me, or is "Rocco" playing better 2 way hockey? Never seen him "steal" so many pucks before.

  2. Anon:

    Some people don't realize when Hale goes back down our DEFENCE will suffer for at least ten games as Phillippé finds his game or until Hale is toughness is a factor here also!

    "Rocco" is skatin' like a 19 year old with a long stick (very annoying for the opposition), I just don't like him "Wraslin' on the PK!"