Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The "Kill".

The Penalty Kill, note the connotation of the word kill...

- PK or Kill to cause the death of an organized power play, or the act of doing so!

- the "Kill Team" forwards, who were originally big tough and not particularly skilled guys chosen to sacrifice their energy and "body" in the "execution" of their task!

- one big job that we often forget is if the D-man gets trapped in the corner it's the forward's job to clear the slot or at least get in there and "Wrassle" for position.

- one big job that we don't forget is picking up the ring around from our defenceman on the side wall in order to clear the puck. Colour me very, very, very vulnerable!

- blocking point shots, forget it, but every once in a while you either get there too early or too doesn't matter you pick up "Grape Shot" right from the mussel of the "Howitzer!" This shot carries great potential injury! Especially for some of the more offencive forwards as they don't know how to protect themselves!

- Big #19, has been bothering the other team's huge point man during the power play, being tall, gangley, with a long reach and stick makes him particularly annoying. "Here" comes the ringaround, the big point man pinches, thinking I either get the puck "or" I squash this guy, who scores in multiple bunches and is their first line "Super" center...not only will win win the game we will probably knock 'em out of first place!

Coach Clouston, you "fire ball", this is very poor, short sighted coaching, don't burn yourself out trying to be the smartest guy in the room! Let "Rocco" take the draw and then get him off! Note: If he's not winning the draw he should not be out there in the first place!

Note II: We haven't even touched on the "cronic problems"...

Note III: Coach, in case you haven't noticed, your dressing room is already half empty for practice right now, Alfie's whole line should only play the practice...don't hurt "Rocco" on the PK!!!!

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