Monday, November 8, 2010

We used to love to see "Carson!"

Carson Ryan, the big center iceman for the Shawville Pontiacs. "The Best, they ever had!"

- We used to love to see Carson Ryan come out to kill off the penalty because we knew that was the end of their offence for the rest of the period! He'd just scored two, one even and one on the PP!

- Coach, if your "number one" center man is also playing "number one" on your number one Power Play, he can't be one of your top penalty killers...we're talkin' 27, 28 minutes a game!

- We know you are a very savvy hockey man, maybe the smartest guy in the room but "Rocco" has never played these kinds of minutes and never gas this illusion, penalty killing is good honest important work!

PS: Seasons have been known to turn on Coaching blunders such as this!

PPS: Now that we have a full roster I'd only use Alfie in an emergency!

Note: Datsyuk had one shift on the PK and Zetterberg had 23 seconds...these guys are energy "Buzz Buttons!"

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