Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday afternoon!

- Pascal is unmentionable...passé...our Super-Sub...

- Philippé is not ready and he likes it that way...he will tell us what game he will come back for...the Habs @ Centre Bell in Montréal on Saturday night...are you kidding?

- ZacH is being sent to purgatory for hockey's original sin...stupidity!

- Butler is in Montreal!

- We gotta do something with Brian Lee!

- We gotta do something to keep Dave Hale!

- We gotta do something with Jacques Martin...let's get him lookin' at the clock again...the score clock!

- this is game number 14 for Petr...let's hope he's over the hump...over the jinx!

- No "Rocco" on the PK...I repeat: "No #19 on the PK!"

- Time for our designated "Roadster" big Mike Fisher to have a huge game!

- Price is down early a lot...boys, this is a very good sign for us!

- We shall see if Markov is still shaky tonight in nice if the Habs drop the ball again!

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