Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's not the Goalie!

It's not the Coach, although I wish he had a little more status with the Refs.

It's not the Captain, although he could be a little more vocal.

It's not Gonchar, although he should be on the other side on the PP.

It's not "Rocco" although a penalty killer he is not.

It's not "EriK" although I wish he wasn't so dirty...joke!

It's not Fish although I wish he'd get well.

It's not Petr although he chose the "Devil's Number".

It's not the third line, although more production...goals are needed!

It's not Alexei, although he should shoot more...again!

It's not 9MM, although his wheels are gone!

It's not Foligno, although I'd have him in the top 6!

It's not Shannon, although he's not big enough.

It's not Carks, although I'd like to see him beat up a "Middle Weight" just to show the other team how mean he can be!

It's not our PK, although we should be using 4 sets of forwards minimum, with the number of penalties we receive!

It's not the goalie, he is SENsational!

It's the National House League's balancing act...they expect the fans to believe that 30 teams all spending different amounts of money are all almost equal and are fighting for a playoff's getting very tough to watch...

Note: I usta have my own League in the basement. I could always manage to get an all Canadian final every year...amazing...actually it was pretty easy!


  1. Here's another one for you if you feel that revenues are the driving force behind this cancer in hockey...

    What's with all the game sevens in the Stanley Cup finals?

    How could they let smaller market Cinderella teams slip in the finals so often and let them get to game 6 or 7 only to pull the carpet out on them in the finals?

    I'd like to see the stats on Cup Final game 7's before and after Bettman's reign.

    You can argue that this horsesh*t is good for hockey because it gives the hometown/underdog hope (unlike the bigger leagues), but for the real hockey fan that loves their team and has to watch them go through these hopeless road trips, having their wills broken by untimely, soft penalty after untimely soft penalty...

    The only reason I have cable right now is for the live hockey. I'm seriously thinking of shutting the whole thing down till this dark age of hockey is over. I'd save a tonne of money!

  2. Oman:

    If the Sens are not playing I listen to the games on the radio because I don't want to see the Bullsh*t calls and the Zebra mgmt. It's less stressfull!