Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Corperate memory/hockey recollections...just think!

- Where is our Coaching Staff's Collective Memory? Last year, I sat and watched my understaffed, broken (#17; #9; #27) and hurting Ottawa Senators, both Alfie and Fish were on the hobble and yes, Rocco was out there chasing Sid but his core was not 100%. When are we going to learn...conserve your energy...preserve your players...

- Put Pascal in.

- Make Kuba play they deserve to go in together...

- They, the media, keep saying the first day of Training Camp...Philippé has not played since mid March 2010...injured 6 times last year for a total of 30 games...broke his leg this year???

- "Rocco" the penalty killer is on for the last Atlanta PP GOAL and he is on for the last Tranna PP Goal...#19 has been on the "Kill Team" for three games. His kill rate in the clutch at the end of the game zero (0 for 2)...he is simply not very good at it...too passive...

Note: Gentlemen, history repeats itself, the trick is to make your own luck so that it does not repeat on you...for Regin to be still wearing #13 is a hockey sacrilege...Petr bend to the Hockey Gods, "Thor" was number 4, he was out there with you in sweater 43!

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