Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Special Teams!"

As old Coach Jacques usta say: "Specialty" teams win hockey games!

- a full complement of forwards means you can/should use 'em all!

- 2nd PP Unit starting first tonight, all night, Alexei, Petr, Neiler up front Sarge and EriK shootin' BBs! (OK, Ball Bearings/SSG.)

- first unit going out second all night, "Rocco", 9MM, Fish up front Alfie and Campoli trying to hit Fish in the hands in front! (Old hockey expression...put it on his stick)

- Kelly and Jaarkkko first "Kill Team!"

- Fish and 9MM second "Kill Team!"

- Foligno and Shannon/Winni third "Kill Team"

- Alfie gets a rest on the PK until the game hangs in the balance at the end!

- "Rocco", only if we are under extreme pressure late in the penalty and ya want him for a big draw in our end!

Note: "Denis' Hot Rubber" keep asking the Ref for a "Frozen Puck", the guys from "Hotlanta" have not seen a "Cold" puck since the last time they were here.

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